"Let the magic of stained glass Light up your home"


Victorian Stained Glass

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Stained glass is a vivid and remarkable art medium that can enrich any place at work or home and is the only art form that relies entirely on natural daylight for its effect. Most often the reason for considering stained glass has to do with an unattractive view or to add more privacy. At Victorian Custom Stained Glass we can provide decorative window art solutions while maintaining a high level of natural light penetration. Most importantly stained glass will greatly add to your visual enjoyment as the combination of colors, textures and design bring warmth into your home. Whether it's for your new/old home, cottage or business.

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"It's the touch of artistry that adds personality to your living space."  

Corner window panels add elegance with style
Simplicity and design with a splash of color for interest
Uniform glass textures adds to a classy look suitable to this home owners décor
Classic geometric design in clear diffused architectural glass makes this a feature artwork